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2016 ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship

November 12-20 – Fiji

Due to the change of date to mid November 2016 for the ISA World SUP Championship. National governing bodies as well as ASSUP have had to take into account that since the World Championship was moved back to the end of the year (instead of every year in March) it would not be fair to qualify athletes having competed in the National Championship well over one year after it was held. 


The ASSUP competition committee therefore wants to make sure that the Swiss delegation is composed of the top Swiss athletes in a fair way. Therefore all women and men that obtained a podium in long distance or technical race in the 2015 and/or the upcoming 2016 Swiss SUP Championship will be eligible to be selected for the Fiji 2016 World Championship. 


The top ranked Swiss Women and Men athletes that fill the above required criteria and who wish to compete in the 2016 World Championship are kindly asked to make their intentions know by addressing an email to ASSUP’s competition committee. This email will need to be received by July 15th 2016.

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