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ASSUP Rulebook
- Swiss SUP Championship (SSC)

1.  General
The Swiss SUP Championship is an event sanctioned by the
Association Swiss Stand Up Paddle - ASSUP .
As the national championship of Stand Up Paddling in Switzerland, it is held on an annual basis.

The competition date is published on the ASSUP website and communicated to the ASSUP members in the corresponding newsletter.
At least 24 hours before the start of the event the SSA board elects a contest director. Decisions on contest issues are made by the contest director.

2.  Registration
Any member of the ASSUP of Swiss nationality may register and take part in the SSC.
Registration is done using the applicable forms provided by ASSUP. Registration closes at the official start of the event. The official start of the event is the riders meeting usually taking place up to 30 minutes prior to the start of competition.​

3.  Disciplines
The main divisions of the SSC are :​

3.1. Beach Race :
The beach race can vary in length but is usually from 2.5 to 5km in length.

The format of the beach race is one of a spectacular high paced race where competitors line up with their boards (limited to 12’6) and paddles in the start area selected by Race Director (RD) (see photos on ASSUP wesbite).
The RD gives a general warning 10 minutes before the beach race start.

The Beach Marshall (BM) informs and lines competitors along the start line. If there is an advantage on the start line, BM can decide placement of riders based on a seeding criteria (results of SSC of prior year).
Top seeded competitors get first choices on placement on beach, Ranking of prior year SSC get first choices for board placement on beach. For competitors with no ranking, placement on line is on a first come first served basis, but ranked SSC competitors have priority over competitors participating for the first time.
BM starts a 3 minute countdown. At one minute all boards must be laid down and cannot be lifted or handled by competitors. At 15 seconds prior to start competitors may touch board and position hand in carrying handle, but competitors are not allowed to lift or handle board. Only at the start of the race (when countdown is finished) competitors may lift board and depart.
The race goes out to a marked buoy positioned by decision of the RD and BM. Once buoy is rounded competitor must return to a marker on beach, run on the designated area with board and paddle round the beach exit and return to exterior buoy. Race director will announce at riders meeting the number of rounds to complete beach race.
Competitors’ finish time will be determined when competitor crosses the finish line with paddle in hand.

Divisions of Beach Race :
•  Women’s 12’6
•  Men’s 12’6
•  Women’s 12’00 and under (Fun Race only not eligible for Swiss championship ranking)
•  Men’s 12’00 and under (Fun Race only not eligible for Swiss championship ranking)

3.2 Long Distance :
Long Distance is a race that could be started on water, usually between two buoys or a buoy and a landmark. The distance can vary in length between 7 and 14km.

Depending on weather conditions, a fixed leash could be obligatory for the long distance. Competitors without leash will be disqualified.
RD selects length of race and is the sole entity that has authority to cancel, postpone or modify longdistance race based on atmospheric conditions or/and any inherent dangers. RD will anounce direction of course, buoys to be rounded and length of race during the riders meeting.
Divisions of Long Distance Race :
• Women’s 12’6
• Men’s 12’6
• Women’s 12’00 and under (Fun Race only not eligible for Swiss championship ranking)
• Men’s 12’00 and under (Fun Race only not eligible for Swiss championship ranking)

4.  Schedule
Competition schedule might change on short notice. It is updated and posted outside the SSC headquarters. It is the competitor’s duty to be informed of race times.
Competitions can be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or any inherent dangers such as storm warnings. RD will announce any change, cancellations at riders meeting.

5.  Rules of competition
The courses  rules of competition for the SSC will be communicated at the riders meeting.

6.  Competition fee
A competition fee is charged for the registration for each division. This fee is to cover organization and other expenses related to the competition and may vary from year to year.

ASSUP, May 2012

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