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ISSUP Switzerland is the trainings branch of ASSUP providing certified instructors. These courses are based on standard of both international associations ISA and IOSUP.
From the first batch in 2010 more than 40 instructors took part of instructor trainings.
ISSUP Switzerland recognises the official schools & centres in Switzerland (6 centres today) guaranting quality with ISSUP instructors.
ISSUP certified instructors and centres are shown on the websites, for Switzerland and for International.


Instructor ISSUP :

This 3 days course and mendatory tasks as mentionned below will give you the ISSUP instructor certificate as well as the international certificates ISA Flatwater & IOSUP.
Prerequiest for the future candidates :
* Personal experience of SUP of 40hours or one year with regular practice.
* To be recommended by an ASSUP official center or by a qualified ISSUP instructor.
* To be 18 years old.

To obtain the ISSUP certificate participants need to success these followings steps :

1. Attending and succesing the 3 days courses.
2. Completing the 20hours of practice under an official ISSUP/ISA superviser.
3. Completing an international rescue course recognised by ILS (International Life Saving).
4. Be an active member of ASSUP**
**Annual fee check

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