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Rules of competition and conditions of participation:

1. Who can participate ?​​

   - Any person 18 years old and above in good health condition can participate in the Swiss Lake Surfing Championship
   - Competitors must be in possession of a health certificate that needs to accompany filled out inscription form
   - Competitors participate at their own risk and must present a valid liability insurance document that covers the full 140  

     days of the competition

2.Requirements to participate and competition fees :

   - You need to be an ASSUP member to participate
   - Individuals who are not yet ASSUP members and wish to participate can become a 2013 member at this time of they enter

      the competition
   - ASSUP Membership 2013 is 35CHF


3.Equipment allowed:


   - Any Stand Up Paddle board and paddle is allowed


   - Any Swiss lake is allowed to be used. 
   - You may not ride waves on any shoreline that are not Swiss (example: Lake Geneva; Exchenevex / Lake Constance; 

     German side of lake…)

5.Waves types:

​​    - Competitor are allowed to ride any Wind swept waves on any Swiss lake within the dates of the contest's opening dates
    - Wind shaped waves only are allowed (no static waves – no standing river waves – no boat wakes or waves)

6.Dates of Competition:

    - Contest opens Saturday Oct 27th 08:00 – Closes Sunset Friday 30th March 2013

7.Competition Judging:

   - Competition is judged on videos sent by participating riders
   - Each competitor will be judged by a jury and a public judging (details will be posted on ASSUP website)
   - Wave judging will be based on style – how the wave was surf – difficulty and fluidity of movement on wave surfed


8.Competition Forms:

   - Competition forms must be filled prior to entering competition
   - Competition forms are available on ASSUP website under : Inland championship / competition forms


9.Video Format and length

   - Each video must not be longer that 1minute 30seconds
       (20-30 seconds max presentation of location of wave – 1minute of wave riding )

   - Videos sent should be M4v. size
   - The rider can present as many video sessions as he wants as long as these do not exceed 1:30

   - At the end of the competition. The rider has 1 week to present his best waves that will be submitted for the vote.
   - The video presentation for the final must not exceed 1 minute 30 seconds and 30 seconds of his self Total = 2 minutes max !


10.Video requirements:

   - The rider gives details of the date, time, the lake, air and water temperature, wind and weather conditions during his 20-30

      second video presentation
   - In his 20-30 second presentation, the rider needs to film the location and explain the particularities of his spot

      (depth – rocks – danger point..)
   - Strictly no video editing is allowed.
   - No slow-motion or accelerated mode allowed
   - Rider must include in video: Meteo Swiss print screen of the day and time of footage sent.
   - Rider must fill out a separate competition form for each session he sends footage of
   - Video footage must be sent maximum one week after session
   - Competition form along with video are to be sent to :
   - Videos of each session sent will be visible on the ASSUP website 48 hours after they are sent by rider


11.Video  Award Ceremony – Wave Party:

   - Prizes will be given out during the award ceremony on Saturday 30th March 2013
   - Details and inscription to party will be posted on ASSUP website Jan 2013
   - Presentation of the finalist's videos will be during the Award ceremony
   - Judging of the videos will be by the riders and the jury (details to be found on ASSUP website)

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